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About CCCC

Canada China Chamber of Commerce was registered on April 18, 2012 as a not-for-profit business association with its head office located in Toronto, Canada.

Our members are Chinese enterprises established in Canada. They are mainly from the sectors of finance, ICT, transportation, import & export, energy, resources, minerals, pharmacy, health food, real estate, equipments and machinery and etc.

Our Mandate

The mandate of CCCC is to assist and represent its members through member services and advocacy; to facilitate, promote and strengthen economic ties and trade between China and Canada through increased business development and exchanges among individual enterprises.

Our Mission (CCCC)

Connection: to build better business connection and strengthen bilateral friendship by increasing networking among Chinese enterprises and promoting interactions with local Canadian enterprises.

Communication: to strengthen communication with Canadian government and business entities by facilitating resource sharing, business experience and views exchanges.

Cooperation: to promote Sino-Canadian economic, trade and investment cooperation by organizing seminars and business match-making meetings.

Contribution:to contribute to the better business adaptation and development of Chinese enterprises in Canada, to the development of Canadian economy and local community and to the further development of economic relations between China and Canada by providing insight into Canadian business environment and providing support to companies from both sides.