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Chenglin Hi-Tech Industry Co., Ltd.

Chenglin Hi-Tech Industry Co., Ltd. (dba “CHENGLIN”) is a comprehensive enterprise group. Its major business includes exploration and development of petroleum resources, manufacturing petroleum equipment, providing petroleum engineering services, assuming international petroleum engineering projects and trades, formulating and producing petrochemical products, mining, real estate development, manufacturing CO2 capture units and their application to enhanced oil recovery, and oilfield wastewater treatment.
Shandong Chenglin(Canada)Corp. (dba “CHENGLIN CANADA”) is aimed at expanding its business in North America. A joint-venture named MAXX-CHENGLIN Energy Products and Services Corporation has been established between CHENGLIN and the MAXX Energy Products and Services Corporation, a local Canadian company. The major objective of such an expansion is to provide energy products and services to the oil and gas sector, including, but not limited to, CO2 capture and enhanced oil recovery, heavy oil recovery and services, oil assets acquisition and development.