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China Mining Investment Symposium 2017

February 15,  2017 Toronto

The  China  Mining  Investment  Symposium(CMIS)  is co-organized by Canada China Chamber of Commerce (CCCC) and China Mining Association (CMA).CMIS has been hosted on the sideline of PDAC for consecutive 5 years and has gained wide attention and recognition. CMIS 2017, with the theme of “International experience and CanadiancapitalmarketsfacilitateChinese mining investment”, will focus on the “One Belt  One  Road  (OBOR)”  Strategy as well as the China  Mining  Investment,  mainly discuss the strategies for Chinese mining investors to enter the Canadian mining market and share successful stories.

Time:  March 6th, 2017   

Symposium: 13:00-17:30

Dinner: 18:00-20:00

Venue:  Dominion Ballroom, Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel

123 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON M5H 2M9

Besides keynote speeches addressed by Chinese and Canadian VIP speakers on the above-mentioned subjects, 2 panels will be held during the symposium:

Panel 1: Experience sharing for Chinese global mining investment

This panel will mainly focus on optimal overseas mining investment areas as well

as practical operational experience from Canadian mining companies. (A)Pragmatic and characteristic oversea merger and acquisition, project development and operational management models; (B) Based on the OBOR Strategy, how to expand the oversea  investment  deployment  and  pursue  more  potential  cooperation opportunities;   (C)Specific   matters   for   attention   when   considering   investing   in Canadian   mining   industry,   such   as   project   cost,   infrastructure,   environment standards, coordination with the first nations, selection of management, social responsibility, company localization,crisis management, etc; (D) Other experiences or lessons. Speakers will cite cases to illustrate on their views and enlighten the audience for a conclusion.

Panel 2: How to link Chinese mining investment and Canadian capital market

This Panel will pay particular emphasis on mining investment and financing,

including (A) Basic principles of Canadian mining investment and financing, how to make rational investment based on comprehensive risk and return assessments, how to avoid blind investment and hasty decisions; (B) The method for IPO of Canadian mining companies, investment and financing portfolio management and financing strategies. Cases will be given to explain the pros and cons as well as scope of application in relating to the above; (C) How to determine a project meeting your own investment strategy; (D) Other channels and suggestions linking Chinese mining investments and Canadian capital markets.

Please download invitation and registration form here: China Mining Investment Symposium 2017_ invitation and registration