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Invitation to China Mining Investment Symposium 2018

China Mining Investment Symposium(CMIS) 2018

2018 China Mining Investment Symposium(CMIS) is co-organized by Canada China Chamber of Commerce (CCCC) and China Mining Association (CMA). 2018 CMIS has been hosted on the sideline of PDAC for consecutive 6 years and has gained wide attention and recognition. 2018 China Mining Investment Symposium(CMIS), with the theme of “International mining investment opportunity and risk”, mainly discuss the new situation and new opportunities of global mining development and mining investment opportunity in Canada.

Panel 1: The New Situation and The New Opportunity of Global Mining Development

Embracing with topics of the future development trend of global mining, the mining policy and the capital market, the domestic and foreign investment opportunities, the new mining technology and
equipment, the sustainable development of mining industry, the development of green mining industry, the opportunity and risk of investing in new energy mineral, international investment opportunity
and challenge against the background of the US cuts taxes and construction of China ecological energy to discuss and exchange views of the new situation and new opportunities of global mining development.

Panel 2: The Analysis of Mining Investment Opportunity in Canada

Combine with the practical investment cases and successful experiences in Canada (not limited to Chinese corporate), mainly introduce and analyze the Canadian mining investment opportunity and environment, include technical norms, investment philosophy, legal system, procedure of examination and approval, corporate governance, environmental compliance, financing method, management model, employee protection, team building, and the role of immediacies.

Please click here to download Registration Form.

registration form 2018

Contact: Ms. Lin Zhu, email:
or fax: 416-363-0152
Mr. Hui Zhang, email: