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Invitation to Kunshan Import Expo

Requested by Jiangsu government, the Office of International Relations and Protocol (OIRP), Cabinet office will host an event promoting the Kunshan Import Expo on October 29. We have reserved the OITC – 250 Yonge Street, 35th floor, Seminar Room and the Jiangsu marketing team will present from 10:00 until noon. We are offering refreshments and light snacks and of course the space.

Please join us to meet with the Jiangsu marketing team.

On March 2012, Kunshan City, Jiangsu held the first China International Import Expo which included participation from Ontario. The second China International Import Expo is scheduled for May 2013 and to promote this event to Ontario ministries and agencies, business organizations and individual companies, Mr. Xiong will lead a marketing team to Toronto on October 29. He will give a description of the Expo and will answer questions from the audience.

I have attached an agenda and the numerous documents/brochures on the trade show to share with any organizations or companies you think might be interested in attending. As well, above is a brief description.




Agenda China International Import Expo Presentation