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Yancoal Canada Resources Co., Ltd.

YCR was established on August 18, 2011 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan ,Canada with registered capital of 290 million dollars. It is mainly engaged in mineral resources exploration and development. The company holds 19 potash exploration permits in the province of Saskatchewan, with total land area of 1,325,388.17 acres (approximately 5363.84 square kilometres ). It is currently pursuing geological exploration and design, environmental review and other preliminary works for its potash projects, and endeavour to start construction, create local employment opportunities and promote the local economy development at the earliest date possible.

YCR is a wholly owned subsidiary of Yanzhou Coal Mining Co., Ltd..( YZC, official website: YZC has businesses over China, Australia, and Canada. Its core businesses include: mineral resources exploration, power generation, chemical fertilizer and chemical production, etc.